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Mayil Scarves - www.mayilscarves.com

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Mayil Scarves are something special.  Handwoven fabric sourced from India with spectacular colors and designs are a perfect match for Sinchi Scarf Clip.  If you are familiar with fabrics from India, then you know the colors are vibrant with wonderful patterns and textures.  This particular scarf from Mayil Scarves dances with purples, greens and blues - I could stare at it all day and watch the colors move and shimmer. It reminds me of a peacock - which is the English translation of 'Mayil' - very near and dear to the owner's heart.  As majestic as peacocks are, so are Mayil Scarves!  The scarf is beautifully made and when paired with Sinchi- a stunning combination.  So if you like color and fine fabrics please visit  


for an endless selection of scarves in bold colors, fabrics and designs. They even have tie-dyed scarves!!!

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