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The Evolution of Sinchi™ Scarf Clip

Welcome to the home of the Sinchi™.  A belt buckle and a wild dream?  It's true - over the last year working closely with our superb jewelry manufacturer - Skysweet™ Jewelry Factory - our belt buckle grew a tension spring foot and Sinchi™ was born.   It took four attempts and hundreds of emails working closely with Mandy at Skysweet™ until we finally got it.  Their dedication to our vision was remarkable - and we could not have done it without them - thank you, Skysweet™!

Our vision was to do more than just decorate scarves with a brooch - we wanted to add more functionality and give it the strength to hold larger scarves like the popular pashminas. And during our soft rollout to family and friends - to whom we owe many thanks as well - we discovered that Sinchi™ has more uses than just on scarves - purses, boots and home decor to name a few!

We are excited about the quality and workmanship of our new product and are committed to great customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. So go ahead - treat yourself - have some fun and Sincherize©!

Thank you for your curiosity!

Best - G

Gina Daly

Owner, Sinchi, LLC

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  • Madavi Oliver on

    These are lovely and sparkly. Looking froward to wearing them with my scarves and feeling glam. Wish you well

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