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Sinchi® Triskele Burst

For those of you who prefer jewelry with symbolism • Sinchi® Triskele is for you. The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol with numerous pre-Celtic traces to many cultures who used similar three spiral imagery. Triskele comes from the Greek word meaning 'three -legged'. It's also featured on the Sicilian flag as Medusa with three legs. Most historians agree that the three spirals or legs represent the unity of land, sea, sky or mind, body and spirit as two examples. Although it has pagan roots, Christianity has adopted it as well with the modern Trinity. And some linguistic trivia: The Triskele is where that saying: "everything happens in threes" apparently originates.

However you choose to interpret the Triskele, I hope it brings you luck, inspiration or calms your soul. I am superstitious and assign luck to most of my jewelry. The Triskele makes me think about the wisdom of civilizations past and how some symbols are ageless • a gentle reminder for me to "Keep it Simple"🍀.

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